What we expect from the project

The specific Objective 1 “To identify organizational solutions that improve quality of the ECEC services and contribute to increase access” is linked to these three expected results

  • Innovative Pre school organizational models identified
  • Best Practices tested and implemented with teachers and families
  • Pre school teachers competences improved

The specific Objective 2 “To improve Families and community participation in the life of pre-schools services” is linked to this expected result

  • ECEC services more in line to family and community needs

The project results will be absorbed by the integrated network of preschool educational services which characterizes the territorial realities of the partnership. The network of pre-school services is called to invest on increasing the quality, through well-integrated services based on a common vision of the role of ECEC services.

If the benefits conferred by a high-quality ECEC are wide ranging (educational, social and economic), then all services that deal with the care and the upbringing of children (such as libraries, Entertainment Centres, additional services…) must constantly meet and collaborate to redraw ongoing their identity and their characteristics.